Jane Eyre Movie Review

10 Feb

Jane Eyre

The other day i was feeling quite the romantic and went on a Jane Austen movie binge. I watched Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Anna Kerinina (i know thats not the work of Austen, but it fit the romantic mood) in a row all before 10:00 am.

Jane Eyre really struck something in me. (continue reading if you dont mind spoilers) At first i was a bit confused, for it starts off with Jane after she learns her fiancés terrible secret (which i honestly dont think is terrible at all, but he should have told her he was keeping his insane wife in a secret room so she doesnt have to stay at a mental hostpital) and she falls at the door of a man whith two sisters. They ask her her story and then it flashes to her childhood.

They show her being hated by her aunt and cousin who send her away to a strict school. A bunch of charecter devoloping takes place and now we are to where she becomes a governess to a rich mans french kid. Theres a lot of sexual tension, they fall in love and its sort of beautiful the way she softens his heart. There are some scenes that make you think there could be some ghosts or something dark going on. (phantom noised and fires, ect)

So, she finds out his secret, on their wedding day, and runs away. This brings us to the start of the movie. But then she realises she wants to go back to her love and when she does she sees that his castle/mansion has burnt down.

She finds that he had been blinded trying to save his wifes life and they live happily ever after, or thats how the movie ends anyways.

I really enjoyed it, its very mysterious. And romantic. And sad. And then happy.


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