Sensationail Gel Polish

10 Feb

Sensationail Gel Polish

I have a bad habit. I always pick at my nails. So for as long as i can remember, my nails were non existent. I tried painting them to make them look pretty so i wouldn’t want to pick at them but it didn’t stop me. This Christmas my mother got me Sensationail Gel Polish in this really beautiful light pink color. I have been wanting to try out a gel polish for a while now because i thought it would stop me from picking my nails, seeing as how it dries to be hard as a rock.

It worked. And now i have long and beautiful nails. I am definitely happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone. It is a little pricey so i suggest asking for it for your birthday or special event if you don’t have the money to just go out and buy the kit. Yes, you have to buy the kit for it to work. Ill explain:

The kit includes one LED lamp/light, one nail cleanser, a packet of lint free wipes, one nail file and cuticle stick, one nail primer, one nail base and top coat, and one nail polish color.

The bottles of polish/primer etc only last for around 10 manicures so if you run out or want a new color then you can of course buy them separately from the LED lamp.

Each manicure lasts for about two weeks, I’ve tested it. It doesn’t chip and you can do anything with your hands from cooking, building, dipping your hands in boiling water (i dont suggest this) to sticking your fingers in snow and your nails stay looking freshly polished. Theres no drying time, so you dont have to wait to do anything after youve manicured.

The kit comes with instructions but here is a simple How To anyway:

File and buff your nails.

Using the cleanser and lint free wipes, clean your nails.

Apply nail primer and air dry.

Apply nail base and top coat, capping your nail and cure in LED light for 30 seconds.

Apply nail polish color, capping your nail and cure for 60 seconds.

Apply one more coat of color and cure for 60 seconds.

Apply nail base and top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

Wipe away moisture using lint free wipes and nail cleanser.

Enjoy those beautiful, healthy looking nails.



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