Curiosity kills by Summer Josephine

24 Feb

Its been so long. So long since i have been in sunlight. I sit as close to the window as is safe, but i cant get close enough. I crave to feel that warmth of the sun on my skin. Its been three years since the invasion and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. If we have enough food for everyone, its a good day. Supplies are scarce. Just last night Jordy cut himself reboarding a window. It looks pretty bad, he insists he fine but i see him wince when using his left hand. Who knows what will happen if it gets infected.

I know the soldiers are fighting to the best of their abilities, but it seems all they do is keep a town safe for a week or so before they leave and another swarm invades us and were fighting and hiding and dying again. Thats is, if your not dead from starvation, infection or suicide.

When the government said that our minds weren’t ready for this, that us humans weren’t ready for this, we should have taken their word for it. As curious as i was to what the government was keeping secret, it would have been better kept as just that, a secret. But no, some people thought to take it apon themselves to reveal what was once so classified and its much worse then what the public could have thought they were keeping from us.

I have a new found respect for our government, for protecting us. ‘controlling the situation’ But they were also the ones to create this mess. They say it started as research. ‘our goal was aimed to find cures to fatal disease and cure all diseased tissue. We by no means were ready nor expecting what resulted’. It resulted in unnatural and undead beings. Ones that were once dead or dying, diseased and deceased, to be. I say ‘be’ instead of live because they are not really living. They are not human, whatever the government did to them, there humanity has gone. They are strong, unusually strong and it frightens me to think that they were once people like myself. Now they destroy cities, infecting and killing thousands of people, town after town. Sure we are able to fight them off at times, but like i said, they are unusually strong and we don’t have much to fight with.

The world we once knew will never be again. Or at least not in my lifetime. So i leave this here, in hopes someone, someday may find this, read it, and know how deadly curiosity can be.


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