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I have been feeling kind of down lately.

29 Mar

I know that having Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome is a crippling walk in the park compared to other people who have it much worse off than i do, but its still hard to accept that because when you feel so painfully terrible, its hard to think about that.

Anyway, these last couple weeks i have been feeling a bit more down than usual. I have been having more heart and lung pains as well so that hasn’t been helping. I try to keep myself from analyzing and going into detail why i feel down(besides the obvious ‘having a chronic illness’ reason) so i have been watching a lot of british television. Mostly QI and marathons of Sherlock, Torchwood and Doctor Who.


Shows worth watching. The best of TV.

20 Mar

Nothing to watch? Too many options to choose from? This is my guide to great telly, a list of my favorites shows that are seriously worth watching.

Sherlock- all i can say about this show is BRILLIANT. its so clever, i mean of course it is, Steven Moffat is one of the writers. Its intense, its hilarious and it is addicting.

Doctor Who- dido^ Steven is also a writer for Doctor Who as well so of course this show is amazing. I suggest starting at the beginning of the 11th doctor just so you’ll understand better whats going on.

Te Following- This is a fairly new series but good god is it good. Its about a cult of serial killers and its so enthralling and the FBI agent Mike Weston is extremmmely cute. Oh and Kevin Bacon’s in it.

The Vampire Diaries- this show is sexy and mysterious and thrilling. The Salvatore brothers, ohmagawd. Damon’s eyes are hypnotizing. But prepare to get your heart broken, you fall in love with a character but then they die or turn off their humanity.

Pretty Little Liars- OMG. Omgomgomg its so…just…yes. Pretty girls, hot guys, aMASing outfits and blackmail and murder and conspiracy and high school drama times a million. Its much different from the book series but i suggest watching the show AND reading the books because they are both so good.

Psych- a detective show thats a little different from what you’d expect. Shawn pretend to be a psychic to help solve cases and it is so hilarious. Its genius.

Modern Family- prepare to pee your pants from laughter

The Neighbors- didn’t have much faith in it when the trailers came out but now its a show i love. Just an alien community pretending to be humans. Funny stuff.

New Girl- i wish i could live in the loft with them because my life would never be boring.

Glee- very entertaining. Sad, romantic, funny and holycrap i met Darren Criss.

Impractical Jokers- the US version, not the UK. Its really funny. You can just tell those guys get into some trouble.

Russel Howard’s Good News- attractive guy makes fun of recent news stories: yes please.

Homeland- terrorists, Damien Lewis, and a bipolar claire danes. You’ll never get bored.

QI- a lighthearted quiz show that the contestants don’t really take seriously. Thats probably because they are the UKs finest comedians. And they are hilarious. Plus you learn a lot of really interesting/funny facts.

Torchwood- a spinoff of Doctor Who. Need i say more?

Girls- a sort of coming of age show with drama and a lot of…nakedness.

Well, these are my must see tv shows as of 2013. I most likely have forgotten some so i might update in soon to add any i missed.