Shows worth watching. The best of TV.

20 Mar

Nothing to watch? Too many options to choose from? This is my guide to great telly, a list of my favorites shows that are seriously worth watching.

Sherlock- all i can say about this show is BRILLIANT. its so clever, i mean of course it is, Steven Moffat is one of the writers. Its intense, its hilarious and it is addicting.

Doctor Who- dido^ Steven is also a writer for Doctor Who as well so of course this show is amazing. I suggest starting at the beginning of the 11th doctor just so you’ll understand better whats going on.

Te Following- This is a fairly new series but good god is it good. Its about a cult of serial killers and its so enthralling and the FBI agent Mike Weston is extremmmely cute. Oh and Kevin Bacon’s in it.

The Vampire Diaries- this show is sexy and mysterious and thrilling. The Salvatore brothers, ohmagawd. Damon’s eyes are hypnotizing. But prepare to get your heart broken, you fall in love with a character but then they die or turn off their humanity.

Pretty Little Liars- OMG. Omgomgomg its so…just…yes. Pretty girls, hot guys, aMASing outfits and blackmail and murder and conspiracy and high school drama times a million. Its much different from the book series but i suggest watching the show AND reading the books because they are both so good.

Psych- a detective show thats a little different from what you’d expect. Shawn pretend to be a psychic to help solve cases and it is so hilarious. Its genius.

Modern Family- prepare to pee your pants from laughter

The Neighbors- didn’t have much faith in it when the trailers came out but now its a show i love. Just an alien community pretending to be humans. Funny stuff.

New Girl- i wish i could live in the loft with them because my life would never be boring.

Glee- very entertaining. Sad, romantic, funny and holycrap i met Darren Criss.

Impractical Jokers- the US version, not the UK. Its really funny. You can just tell those guys get into some trouble.

Russel Howard’s Good News- attractive guy makes fun of recent news stories: yes please.

Homeland- terrorists, Damien Lewis, and a bipolar claire danes. You’ll never get bored.

QI- a lighthearted quiz show that the contestants don’t really take seriously. Thats probably because they are the UKs finest comedians. And they are hilarious. Plus you learn a lot of really interesting/funny facts.

Torchwood- a spinoff of Doctor Who. Need i say more?

Girls- a sort of coming of age show with drama and a lot of…nakedness.

Well, these are my must see tv shows as of 2013. I most likely have forgotten some so i might update in soon to add any i missed.


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