Forever 21 birthday haul!

6 Oct


Its my birthday! Okay, well a month ago it was my birthday, but everything has been crazy and i never got to share with you the pretty things i got on a bday shopping spree at Forever 21!

I never like ‘haul’ videos or blogs much, but now i kind of get it. Maybe after seeing what i got and what i think of it, this post could help influence or inspire your next shopping urge 🙂

I only had the chance to photograph a few of the outfits but when i do, ill be sure to update.


This is actually a skirt and blouse but they work so well together that the look like a dress. I have been wanting a skirt like this for ages now and am so happy i finally have one. The shirt though, was just something i found hiding in the back of the store and i almost walked by, but there was a nagging feeling that this shirt could be amazing annnd i was right! I love it.

Now, i wore this to a dinner that night and although it was pretty cool outside, that skirt traps heat so much you could start to feel kinda gross and a little sweaty.

The blouse wasnt bad at all, but the buttons take soo loonng to do up and undo and if you eating or doin things involving your hands than i suggest you get someone to help unbutton the buttons on the sleeves so you can roll they up and keep em clean and out of the way. (Trust me you will need help with the buttons, they were designed by satan. They look cute though).


This isnt the best photo to give this dress justice because this dress is BEAUTIFUL. There were two patterns it came in but this one takes the cake. At least for me. Its very wispy so it trapping heat isnt a problem at all. If you have more of a ‘ahem’ chest, then i advise you wear a bra or tank top that can cover the important bits.


This dress is one of my favorites. Its so flattering and i love the way its shaped. The fabric feels so soft and amazing.

Bonus photo of my AWESOME HP cake!!!



2 Responses to “Forever 21 birthday haul!”

  1. wantlikenow October 6, 2013 at 4:56 am #

    Cute outfits! Happy Birthday!


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