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caramel Peanut Butter Chocolate Apples

5 Nov

Okay so i CANNOT believe i had to see these at a festival for me to go ‘duh! Why haven’t i thought of that?!’

Caramel apples. They’re great and fun to make but unlike my family, im not too big on caramel. I mean, its nice but…

So when i saw a chocolate covered peanut butter apple, i flipped.

Ohhhhemgeeeeee its goooood.

So simple yet so delicious and I’m so stupid for not thinking of trying it before. Just an apple covered in a layer of peanut butter dipped in chocolate. It had sprinkles too.

Guess what ill be making this weekend? 😉 okay, okay, I’m making them now (I’m sorry i just cant wait)


La Fresh oil free face cleansing wipes

5 Nov

Alrighty so i know i talked a bit about these in my Ipsy October post but that was before i use them. Here is what i think.

I love the ingredients for sure, so many great things for your skin.

I LOVE the feeling you get after you use them. Your face feels so firm but soft and moisturized (because of the marshmallow probably) and it smells GREAT. You feel so awake and relaxed and just… Nice.

Then night came around and i saw that i had tiny little areas where i have broken out. Erg. Now, it was unpleasant, yes, but my face cleared up the next day and all was well. But i haven’t used it since and I’ve only used it once. Maybe ill try again in the future because i really loved these wipes but i guess they weren’t made for my skin. I might use them as a sort of mask, washing my face after to get rid of any lasting effects that caused any tiny breakouts.

You look splendid m’lady!

5 Nov

I happened to go to the good old Ren Fest last month (as i do each year) with a friend and thought id put together a little post of how things went.

To start of, when i told a guy i didn’t want to buy any of his pickles, he flung pickle juice at me shouting ‘no pickles for the pickle hater’ and walked away. ………what.


Thats us alright.


I did a bit of a lace henna style design in my crease and under my bottom lash line with liquid eyeliner and was quite proud of it. I got a lot of comments on it along with ‘holy cow your hair is so LONG!’ comments. 🙂


I like how it shaped my eyes. Im just now realizing that my head piece is missing a couple medallions. /: hmmph


Oh looky im dead.


“I am Mary, Queen of Scots”. Okay so ive been watching too much Reign. 😛


I got to be the doctors companion!!!!


These guys were seriously AMAZING. They were hilarious and just..awesome.




I really wish i would of gotten their numbers.

Yer a Wizard

4 Nov


LOOK. AT. HER. How adorable is my baby cousin????? And her EYES. They are HUGE. 😀 its good she has a family full o nerds to get her into Harry Potter an the works before shes even 1.

I know this is a bit of a random and non sensible post but i just HAD to flaunt my little witch of cuteness that is my cousin.

Ipsy Excitement!!!

2 Nov

Eeeek! So its been said from Ipsy headquarters themselves that for November we get an Em product!

I cant contain myself. Its most likely going to be just waterliners, pillow plush balms and mascara that we will get.

I hope i don’t get a mascara, i have so many already and i REALLY want to try the Ros Gold waterliner and deep red lip balm so hopefully i get one of those 🙂

What are you hoping to get?

Happy Halloween!

2 Nov

Happy day after Halloween you monsters! What did you dress up as? And if you didn’t dress up, then whats wrong with you!? I was inspired by Promise Phan’s Stitched Voodoo doll video and went as a Stitched Voodoo Queen.


My brother was an Army man^