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You look splendid m’lady!

5 Nov

I happened to go to the good old Ren Fest last month (as i do each year) with a friend and thought id put together a little post of how things went.

To start of, when i told a guy i didn’t want to buy any of his pickles, he flung pickle juice at me shouting ‘no pickles for the pickle hater’ and walked away. ………what.


Thats us alright.


I did a bit of a lace henna style design in my crease and under my bottom lash line with liquid eyeliner and was quite proud of it. I got a lot of comments on it along with ‘holy cow your hair is so LONG!’ comments. 🙂


I like how it shaped my eyes. Im just now realizing that my head piece is missing a couple medallions. /: hmmph


Oh looky im dead.


“I am Mary, Queen of Scots”. Okay so ive been watching too much Reign. 😛


I got to be the doctors companion!!!!


These guys were seriously AMAZING. They were hilarious and just..awesome.




I really wish i would of gotten their numbers.


Yer a Wizard

4 Nov


LOOK. AT. HER. How adorable is my baby cousin????? And her EYES. They are HUGE. 😀 its good she has a family full o nerds to get her into Harry Potter an the works before shes even 1.

I know this is a bit of a random and non sensible post but i just HAD to flaunt my little witch of cuteness that is my cousin.

Ipsy Excitement!!!

2 Nov

Eeeek! So its been said from Ipsy headquarters themselves that for November we get an Em product!

I cant contain myself. Its most likely going to be just waterliners, pillow plush balms and mascara that we will get.

I hope i don’t get a mascara, i have so many already and i REALLY want to try the Ros Gold waterliner and deep red lip balm so hopefully i get one of those 🙂

What are you hoping to get?

I have been feeling kind of down lately.

29 Mar

I know that having Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome is a crippling walk in the park compared to other people who have it much worse off than i do, but its still hard to accept that because when you feel so painfully terrible, its hard to think about that.

Anyway, these last couple weeks i have been feeling a bit more down than usual. I have been having more heart and lung pains as well so that hasn’t been helping. I try to keep myself from analyzing and going into detail why i feel down(besides the obvious ‘having a chronic illness’ reason) so i have been watching a lot of british television. Mostly QI and marathons of Sherlock, Torchwood and Doctor Who.