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La Fresh oil free face cleansing wipes

5 Nov

Alrighty so i know i talked a bit about these in my Ipsy October post but that was before i use them. Here is what i think.

I love the ingredients for sure, so many great things for your skin.

I LOVE the feeling you get after you use them. Your face feels so firm but soft and moisturized (because of the marshmallow probably) and it smells GREAT. You feel so awake and relaxed and just… Nice.

Then night came around and i saw that i had tiny little areas where i have broken out. Erg. Now, it was unpleasant, yes, but my face cleared up the next day and all was well. But i haven’t used it since and I’ve only used it once. Maybe ill try again in the future because i really loved these wipes but i guess they weren’t made for my skin. I might use them as a sort of mask, washing my face after to get rid of any lasting effects that caused any tiny breakouts.


Ipsy Excitement!!!

2 Nov

Eeeek! So its been said from Ipsy headquarters themselves that for November we get an Em product!

I cant contain myself. Its most likely going to be just waterliners, pillow plush balms and mascara that we will get.

I hope i don’t get a mascara, i have so many already and i REALLY want to try the Ros Gold waterliner and deep red lip balm so hopefully i get one of those 🙂

What are you hoping to get?

Varsity VoxBox

29 Oct

Alllllrighty well i might be a tad late to the Varsity party but I’m here now and I’m ready to get things started.

In this Voxbox(Varsity themed) i received the following:

Tide Pods
Lip Gloss
Airheads Extremes
Nail strips
Facial cleanser samples and coupons

I have only one thing to say about the Tide pods. I don’t do laundry. My mom does. I use to do it before i got ill but now she does it and she loves the pods, how easy they are, but they are pretty expensive compared to regular detergent.

NYC Big bold Lipgloss was a surprise. I love NYC but i never wear lip gloss anymore. I used to, i mean i used to collect them and wear them like there was no tomorrow but something changed and now i just don’t wear them. Most are very sticky and or tooo glossy and if you have hair thats all the way down to you butt like mine, then you know the horrors of getting your hair stuck in gloss. Ew. The color i was sent was a nice pink toned gloss an although i didn’t like the texture because it was very goopy, it plumps nice and gives you that pleasant tingly feeling. But i was blessed with big plump lips so i don’t see myself using this product that much (if at all) in the future.

The Kiss Nail Dresses were AWESOME! I loooove this brand an i lovvvve the designs.

The Clearasil samples were pretty neat but i like the coupons for some of their other new products better and cant wait to try those out.

Last but not least, AIRHEAD EXTREMES. I love these. Some of my favorite candy right here. Always has been.

Well, until next time my loves,
Summer Josephine

PS. Happy almost halloween. What will you be this year? I have two ideas in mind and i can decide even though i don’t have much time left.


(ah)Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan

11 Oct

Let me start this out by saying i love, LOVE Michelle Phan and cannot get enough of her… Er… You know what i mean.

She’s brilliant! In many ways. Not only is she amazingly talented with makeup and style, shes a total video game nerd and i love that about her. Plus, shes very inspiring and goes after her dreams.

Now she has released a makeup line! Oh my gosh, how exciting! I was so stoked when she announced it and still am excited for her but theres just one thing…a lot of the stuff is just so *ahem* expensive.

Dont get me wrong, i know that usually means higher quality but if you just released the line, wouldn’t it be best to see how well everything sells and the reaction of buyers first before having them go for such a big price. (A life palette is around 70? Dollars i believe)

There definitely a few things (okay, a lot) that i would LOVE to get from Em like the contour/highlight stick (which is genius) and the pillow plush lip balm. And of course the life palettes, the design is just awesome. But i just cant drop that kind of money like that which is a bit disappointing but who knows what the future holds 🙂

If i ever do end up buying something from Em ill be sure to write about it.

Until next time-
Byeeee for now my lovely’s