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caramel Peanut Butter Chocolate Apples

5 Nov

Okay so i CANNOT believe i had to see these at a festival for me to go ‘duh! Why haven’t i thought of that?!’

Caramel apples. They’re great and fun to make but unlike my family, im not too big on caramel. I mean, its nice but…

So when i saw a chocolate covered peanut butter apple, i flipped.

Ohhhhemgeeeeee its goooood.

So simple yet so delicious and I’m so stupid for not thinking of trying it before. Just an apple covered in a layer of peanut butter dipped in chocolate. It had sprinkles too.

Guess what ill be making this weekend? 😉 okay, okay, I’m making them now (I’m sorry i just cant wait)


The best Fruit salad you will ever have tasted

21 Oct

Aloha my precious

Every year on every Holiday my Grandma makes THE BEST fruit salad. She even makes extra so i can take it home since she knows how much i love it.

I was feeling really hot and stuffy and reallly started to crave this fruit salad but alas, it is not a holiday so i have none. But i then tried to recreate it with the ingredients i found in my fridge and i must say, its pretty darn close.

What you’ll need:
One Apple
Of half of a Banana
White grapes
Purple grapes
Grapefruit (i used some that come in fruit cup form since i had no fresh grapefruit)
Oranges (again, i had none so i used tangerine fruit cups)
Grenadine syrup
Ginger ale
Orange juice
Lemon juice

Okay so i took a small(ish) bowl and put all of my chopped up apple pieces in there first (i cut them into tiny cubes, but you obviously don’t have to) then added some purple grapes that i cut into halves.

Next i added the white grapes, again, cut into halves. The add the grapefruit (i added the juice that was in the grapefruit fruit cup as well for extra flavour). I drained the juice out of the tangerine fruit cup because it tasted gross and just added the tangerine slices.

Slice a banana in half, then cut it to small cubes. Add some orange juice, then a tad bit of lemon juice.

Add some ginger ale and some (a very small amount) of Grenadine.

Add some sugar and gently mix everything and cover the bowl and place in the fridge for it to really mix together a while.

Tada!! Now lets see how long i actually wait until i say ‘screw it’ and take it out of the fridge to eat it now

Po-ta-tos! In Chip Form

26 Sep

Hola my dolls and guys, welcome to a new post.

This was not planned what so ever but i just HAD to write this up real fast.

Okay so last week i asked my dad to pick me up some BBQ chips (my fattening chips of choice) an he, instead of getting my usual (hello, lays) decided to pick up something new when he went out of town and picked up Mike Sells Honey Bbq chips and OH MYGODDS they are amazing.

Im eating them as i type. I was hesitant to try them because im just lazy and wanted to stick to what i know i like but while scouring the pantry for some type of sustenance i came across them and forgot we even had them. So i tried them. And now i love them.

They have a bit of a ‘sour cream and onion’ taste to them, just a little bit, but it works. They arent as greasy as Lays an they kind of make you feel like these are a bit healthier.

You can order them online because i believe they only sell locally but i wanted to show my support and spread the delicious news about these potato chips. (Which btw, come in a TON of flavors)