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Curiosity kills by Summer Josephine

24 Feb

Its been so long. So long since i have been in sunlight. I sit as close to the window as is safe, but i cant get close enough. I crave to feel that warmth of the sun on my skin. Its been three years since the invasion and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. If we have enough food for everyone, its a good day. Supplies are scarce. Just last night Jordy cut himself reboarding a window. It looks pretty bad, he insists he fine but i see him wince when using his left hand. Who knows what will happen if it gets infected.

I know the soldiers are fighting to the best of their abilities, but it seems all they do is keep a town safe for a week or so before they leave and another swarm invades us and were fighting and hiding and dying again. Thats is, if your not dead from starvation, infection or suicide.

When the government said that our minds weren’t ready for this, that us humans weren’t ready for this, we should have taken their word for it. As curious as i was to what the government was keeping secret, it would have been better kept as just that, a secret. But no, some people thought to take it apon themselves to reveal what was once so classified and its much worse then what the public could have thought they were keeping from us.

I have a new found respect for our government, for protecting us. ‘controlling the situation’ But they were also the ones to create this mess. They say it started as research. ‘our goal was aimed to find cures to fatal disease and cure all diseased tissue. We by no means were ready nor expecting what resulted’. It resulted in unnatural and undead beings. Ones that were once dead or dying, diseased and deceased, to be. I say ‘be’ instead of live because they are not really living. They are not human, whatever the government did to them, there humanity has gone. They are strong, unusually strong and it frightens me to think that they were once people like myself. Now they destroy cities, infecting and killing thousands of people, town after town. Sure we are able to fight them off at times, but like i said, they are unusually strong and we don’t have much to fight with.

The world we once knew will never be again. Or at least not in my lifetime. So i leave this here, in hopes someone, someday may find this, read it, and know how deadly curiosity can be.


Fire With Fire movie review

23 Feb

Last night me and my mother went looking for movies to watch and came across Fire With Fire staring Fergie’s good-looking husband.

It turned out pretty good. Its definitely an action movie but it does have romance. In fact, the main character goes on killing spree BECAUSE of his love for his girl. (she was being threatened) This all takes place while he’s supposed to be in Witness Protection and there is a really funny scene in which Jeremy, the main guy, tries to cut some bad guys fingers off, but he throws up during. I guess it was a little too gross for him?

I suggest this movie, it was quite entertaining.

L.A Colors pencil Eyeliner

23 Feb

Good morning, afternoon or evening. A lot of people ask me what is my go-to eyeliner so i thought id work up a quick review for you all.

My favorite (so far) eyeliner that i use is LA Colors Pencil Eyeliner in black. It was about a dollar for a pack of two at the Dollar General and i honestly first bought it as a last minute liner emergency and thought it would turn out to be sort of crappy. How wrong i was. This liner goes on so smoothly, so easily. Its a perfect shade of black and it lasts for quite a while. Its not waterproof, but it doesn’t smear. I have been using this liner everyday for about three years now and i plan to continue unless something else proves to be better.

I also love that its not very big so its easy to take with you on the go.

So, thats my favorite eyeliner and review of said liner. Maybe you’l decide to give it a try. Let me know what is your favorite eyeliner in the comments below, id love to try them.


Jane Eyre Movie Review

10 Feb

Jane Eyre

The other day i was feeling quite the romantic and went on a Jane Austen movie binge. I watched Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Anna Kerinina (i know thats not the work of Austen, but it fit the romantic mood) in a row all before 10:00 am.

Jane Eyre really struck something in me. (continue reading if you dont mind spoilers) At first i was a bit confused, for it starts off with Jane after she learns her fianc├ęs terrible secret (which i honestly dont think is terrible at all, but he should have told her he was keeping his insane wife in a secret room so she doesnt have to stay at a mental hostpital) and she falls at the door of a man whith two sisters. They ask her her story and then it flashes to her childhood.

They show her being hated by her aunt and cousin who send her away to a strict school. A bunch of charecter devoloping takes place and now we are to where she becomes a governess to a rich mans french kid. Theres a lot of sexual tension, they fall in love and its sort of beautiful the way she softens his heart. There are some scenes that make you think there could be some ghosts or something dark going on. (phantom noised and fires, ect)

So, she finds out his secret, on their wedding day, and runs away. This brings us to the start of the movie. But then she realises she wants to go back to her love and when she does she sees that his castle/mansion has burnt down.

She finds that he had been blinded trying to save his wifes life and they live happily ever after, or thats how the movie ends anyways.

I really enjoyed it, its very mysterious. And romantic. And sad. And then happy.

Sensationail Gel Polish

10 Feb

Sensationail Gel Polish

I have a bad habit. I always pick at my nails. So for as long as i can remember, my nails were non existent. I tried painting them to make them look pretty so i wouldn’t want to pick at them but it didn’t stop me. This Christmas my mother got me Sensationail Gel Polish in this really beautiful light pink color. I have been wanting to try out a gel polish for a while now because i thought it would stop me from picking my nails, seeing as how it dries to be hard as a rock.

It worked. And now i have long and beautiful nails. I am definitely happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone. It is a little pricey so i suggest asking for it for your birthday or special event if you don’t have the money to just go out and buy the kit. Yes, you have to buy the kit for it to work. Ill explain:

The kit includes one LED lamp/light, one nail cleanser, a packet of lint free wipes, one nail file and cuticle stick, one nail primer, one nail base and top coat, and one nail polish color.

The bottles of polish/primer etc only last for around 10 manicures so if you run out or want a new color then you can of course buy them separately from the LED lamp.

Each manicure lasts for about two weeks, I’ve tested it. It doesn’t chip and you can do anything with your hands from cooking, building, dipping your hands in boiling water (i dont suggest this) to sticking your fingers in snow and your nails stay looking freshly polished. Theres no drying time, so you dont have to wait to do anything after youve manicured.

The kit comes with instructions but here is a simple How To anyway:

File and buff your nails.

Using the cleanser and lint free wipes, clean your nails.

Apply nail primer and air dry.

Apply nail base and top coat, capping your nail and cure in LED light for 30 seconds.

Apply nail polish color, capping your nail and cure for 60 seconds.

Apply one more coat of color and cure for 60 seconds.

Apply nail base and top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

Wipe away moisture using lint free wipes and nail cleanser.

Enjoy those beautiful, healthy looking nails.